Does Solar work when it's not sunny?
If you’ve ever been to the beach on a cloudy day and thought “I don’t need to put on sunscreen…there’s no sun!” then you probably have a pretty good idea. Just as you can get a wicked burn when it’s overcast, you can still get electricity from your solar system. Depending on the clouds, you can see your production drop off by a few points to a whopping 90%. And of course, at night, your system will be pretty much asleep. But a really dark and stormy day isn’t as much of a factor as your climate throughout the year. Most people with solar are still connected to the grid, so they buy power when they need more than they have, and sell back when they’re producing more than they need. Battery backup is also an option–albeit a pretty expensive one–for on and off-grid living. Your system charges your batteries while the sun is shining, and uses them up when it’s not. Just make sure your utility buys back at a fair price or you won’t save much money at all.
Do the panels deteriorate with time?
They do, but a panel only loses 7-8% over a decade, which means your panels will still operate at 80% capacity after 25 years.
Is Solar a good backup when the power goes out?
Not typically, but it can be. Solar systems need somewhere to send the energy they produce, or it doesn’t work.
How much does a solar system cost?
Solar system cost is fairly consistent across markets, and consistently getting lower with time. That said, there are a number of variables that drive the cost of a residential rooftop solar system:

• What is your roof made of?
• Is your roof easy to get to?
• Does your roof have a lot of space?
• Do you want basic panels, high-efficiency panels, or something in between?
• If you need to generate a lot of power but have limited space on your roof, you may need to pay a premium for a more efficient panel. Higher quality panels capture more energy from the same amount of sunlight.

How soon will my system pay for itself?
As your solar system generates electricity from sunlight, you’re able buy a lot less less from the grid. The time it takes for your utility bill savings to offset the rather chunky cost of a solar system is a very popular topic for discussion. The payoff period depends on how much you pay for regular electricity, as well as any tax incentives that are available in your area that might reduce the total cost of a system.
Do I own the system?
What is the process to get solar?
The whole process takes 6-10 weeks from the initial consultation. Here are the steps:
1. Initial call/consultation. Much of the assessment can be done online via Zoom and over the phone.
2. We submit an official cost proposal. Once we determine that solar is a good fit for your particular home we will provide a comprehensive proposal. This document details the complete scope of work, pricing, finance options, system specs, and performance projections. Included in the proposal is the contract to begin work.
3. Design and Engineering. Every roof’s structure, size, orientation, and material is unique, so your system has to be designed before it’s installed. We also take into account wind loads, proximity to your electrical panel, and aesthetics. These systems are made to last for decades, so each one is designed and stamped by a licensed engineer.
4. Get Permits. Depending on where you live there are certain permits that may be required. Don’t worry, we handle all this and there are no additional fees for doing so.
5. Install the system. This is where it happens! Most installs only take 1-2 days.
6. Pass inspection. If a permit was required it will need an inspection. An inspector from your city or municipality will come to verify that we put the system in properly. Once the inspector gives us a green light, we flip on the system and let it start generating for you.
7. Free Electricity!
Is my system warrantied?
10 year workmanship warranty- covers installation deficiencies
25 year manufacturer’s warranty- covers manufacturer deficiencies
25 year production warranty- covers the guaranteed production
These warranties are effective, and due to the fact that we stand behind everything we do, every client is protected and has no out of pocket cost.